My love for art started when I was in middle school grew from there. All through the rest of the high school years, I took art whenever it was offered so when it came to college I decided I wanted to teach art for a career. I went to college at Peru State College in a small rural Nebraska town by the name of Peru. In the middle of my sophomore year I met my wife and finishing college was put on hold. We were married and raised six boys. However, I had not gone back to art yet because I was working construction and raising a family. In 1989 I was in a horrific car accident, and I came out of it a person with quadriplegia, and I was paralyzed from the neck down quite some time. However, slowly I started to regain some movement to where I am still considered a person with quadriplegia just high functioning. I got to a point where I could walk, and I decided to go back to college and try and take some classes, however, that was to no avail because it was just too hard. In 1993 my youngest son showed me on TV a gentleman by the name of Bob Ross, and I immediately thought that is my answer, something I still could do, is painting. I traveled wherever he had certification classes, and I ended up certified in the landscape, floral, and wildlife fall under the Bob Ross banner. I started teaching classes and continued until 2008 at which time we moved to Missouri. A few years earlier I had fallen and broken my leg, and that put me in a wheelchair permanently. In 2010 I decided to go back to school and finish my degree, so I went to the American Intercontinental University and received a bachelor’s of fine arts in graphic design. Upon completion of that in 2012 I decided to go back to school for my Masters, so I applied at the Academy of Art University for their Masters in painting and drawing wherein 2018 I received my Masters in fine arts drawing and painting. I still teach painting out of my studio, and I teach both the Bob Ross method in landscapes and a traditional wildlife painting class.